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Shed Roof: What is a Shed Roof? What Types Exist?

Sheds don’t get the recognition they deserve – we’re not about to start a Facebook group to conjure up support for the cause, but this doesn’t mean we can’t take time to appreciate sheds and what they do for us. From storing garden equipment to items that haven’t earned a place in the home but…   Read More»

Flat Roof Materials and Its Types: A Complete Guide

In the intricate world of roofing, flat roofs present a formidable labyrinth of choices, demanding a profound exploration of the materials that compose them. To embark on this journey is to fathom the many dimensions of flat roof materials, to decipher their complexities, and to illuminate their diverse facets. In this exhaustive guide, we shall…   Read More»

Types of Warehouse Roof and the Most Common Materials

No matter what you might think, a simple Google search doth not make a roofing expert. This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn a thing or two so that you sound more informed when speaking to experts. If you want to learn more about your warehouse and the common materials that professionals use in this…   Read More»

Prepare and Protect Your Investment with R&R Industries

CERTIFIED DISASTER RECOVERY, REMEDIATION & RESTORATION!   R&R is the disaster recovery partner you deserve. We’re a fully insured and licensed roofing and building contractor with 70+ years experience helping thousands of customers recover from disasters. We will help you navigate the complex process of making an insurance claim & get you the restitution you…   Read More»

Tips for Commercial Roofing Maintenance: Ensure Your Roof’s Durability

As a business, you’re interested in keeping your costs as low as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that your commercial roofing remains durable and in good condition for as long as possible. When you allow your roof to fall into disrepair, it will drain your business’s bank balance…   Read More»

Roofing Restoration: A Step-by-Step Guide

Often, homeowners and business owners alike have heard about roofing restoration without fully understanding the steps involved. In this guide, we’ll discuss each step of roofing restoration to help you better understand what is needed to protect your property and ensure optimal performance from your roof. What is it? When is it needed? How does…   Read More»

Reroof vs Replace Roof: A Complete Guide

In the world of roofing, it’s easy for homeowners and business owners to feel confused about the best option for their property. Should they go with a reroof or replace the roof? While each approach has its own benefits, it’s important to understand the differences between them before making a decision. If you feel lost…   Read More»

Assess BEFORE a Storm!

Schedule a Complimentary Property Assessment Today. As a Board Member of an Association, a Homeowner, or a Commercial Property Owner, you know how important it is to be proactive with your Roof and Restoration needs. We are here for you to ensure you have the proper documentation needed BEFORE A STORM by providing you with…   Read More»

Expert Advice: Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

As a homeowner or business owner, you might be wondering when the right time is to replace your roof. Luckily, some key warning signs indicate it’s time to invest in a new one. Rather than guessing, you can either follow the advice in this guide or contact an expert to absolve yourself of the responsibility….   Read More»

What is Commercial Flat Roofing? What Are the Types of Commercial Flat Roofs?

Commercial flat roofing is an ideal solution for businesses that need reliable and affordable roofing solutions. Flat roofs provide several advantages, including improved water drainage, easier accessibility for repair and maintenance tasks, fewer weather-related issues, and the accommodation of AC stands in Daytona. But what else do you need to know about this roofing type?…   Read More»