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Common Types of Roof Damage Every Homeowners Should Know

The cornerstone of your home’s fortress is the roof, a fundamental component that gallantly shields you and your loved ones from a myriad of external forces. It stands, however, as one of the most susceptible parts of your dwelling. This article endeavors to enlighten homeowners and property managers with indispensable intel on pinpointing and rectifying…   Read More»

Register Today: La Niña 2024 and Your Community

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How Much Wind Damage is Required to Replace a Roof?

When tempestuous winds begin to howl and turbulent weather makes its notorious arrival, the durability of your home’s protective shield – the roof, is put to the test. Traditional wisdom has often suggested biding one’s time, waiting for noticeable damage to the surface before contemplating substantial replacements. However, perhaps it is time to buck this…   Read More»

Common Roof Repair Problems After a Hurricane

Facing the wrath of nature’s tantrums, hurricanes are like the ultimate bad hair day for our planet, leaving chaos in their wake. For homeowners and business owners alike, the post-hurricane roof inspection becomes the top “to-do” – because nobody wants an unplanned skylight. Overlooking a damaged roof could kindle severe structural complications if not rectified…   Read More»

Can a Roof Be Repaired Instead of Replaced?

When it comes to safeguarding your home, the roof often steals the spotlight. This essential barrier between you and Mother Nature isn’t just a buffer against her whims; it’s a substantial financial undertaking. If you’re on the defensive against problems like water leaks, lost shingles, or just the relentless march of time and weather, you…   Read More»

What Does Roof Hail Damage Look Like?

As hailstorms pummel down, our natural instinct is to assess the obvious havoc they wreak: dented vehicles, fragmented windows – the visible foes that immediately catch our attention. But a more insidious damage remains concealed, a menace that dwells overhead, out of sight: roof hail damage. Often ignored, the harm inflicted upon our roofs potentially…   Read More»

Did Hail Hit? Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Even if you only experienced a small amount of hail damage to your roof, the longer you wait to repair the damages, the more money it will end up costing you in the long run. When hailstones impact a roof, they can cause dents, cracks, and other types of damage to the shingles or other…   Read More»

What is the Best Color for a Metal Roof in a Hot Climate?

Choosing the perfect color for your metal roof in a hot climate isn’t just about looking good. Think of it like picking the right SPF for your house. Choosing the right roof color can be a game-changer for how your home handles the heat. But what is the best color for a metal roof? In…   Read More»

Should I Replace My Roof If It’s Not Leaking?

As a homeowner, your roof is the legend of your house, silently holding it together while keeping out the elements like a ninja on duty 24/7. But should you reward that steadfast performance by replacing it even if it’s not leaking? The answer isn’t always obvious. Should I replace my roof if it’s not leaking?…   Read More»

What is the Best Metal Roof for a House?

Revolutionizing both the topography of homes and the mindset of homeowners, metal roofing emerges not just as a trendy alternative to traditional shingles, but as a sustainable statement for the future. The market no longer dictates our choices; our planet does. So, what is the best metal roof for a house? What is the best…   Read More»

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