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Take Action NOW to Prepare for Severe Weather -Don’t Wait for Hurricane Season to Start!

While Hurricane Season in Florida is from June 1 through November 30th, it’s important to acknowledge that severe weather can happen at any time.  Many of the steps you take to get ready for hurricane season are perfect prep for any major storm. Thank you to the National Weather Service for the following information.  1. Know Your…   Read More»

How Do You Know If You Need a New Roof?

Much like a knight wouldn’t dare enter battle with compromised armor, your home deserves a robust, reliable roof for safeguarding against weather’s fury. So, how do you know if you need a new roof? This guide aims to assist homeowners, property managers, and roofing professionals in identifying the critical signs that signal a roof’s plea…   Read More»

What is the Best Coating for a Metal Roof?

What is a home without a roof? This sounds deeply philosophical but we’re talking actual roofs here. Tough and resilient, but still needing a good polish to keep the elements at bay. The best coating for a metal roof can turn your metal roof from a noble protector into an unstoppable superhero. So, what’s the…   Read More»

How to Clean Copper Roof Flashing

Like the gilded domes of churches in the Mediterranean, copper flashing has long been a symbol of both security and grandeur in building design. It’s the unsung hero in your home’s ensemble, the Clint Eastwood of the building scene, if you will. But, much like any actor needs a break between films to prepare for…   Read More»

Never Fear – R&R is Here!

Hailstorms and their resulting damage can be a little scary, but R&R is here for you with both commercial and residential options to repair your roof!  If you are in need of damage repair after recent hail, do not hesitate to call R&R Industries at 386-253-7627. We have plenty of experience with customers who experienced hail…   Read More»

Best Time of Year to Remove Moss From Your Roof

If your roof appears to have developed a green patchwork, it is likely due to moss. While moss can add a picturesque quality in a forest setting, its presence on your roof, gradually degrading the shingles, is far from desirable. For homeowners constantly searching for ‘moss removal from a roof near me’, timing is important….   Read More»

R&R Is Here For You When the Hail Comes

Did you know that even small amounts of hail can damage your roof?  Should you ever find your roof disrupted by a hailstorm large or small, R&R is here for you.  No matter how small the damage, understanding your options is key to maintenance!  Commercial and residential options available.  Save this post for future reference…   Read More»

How Hot Does a Roof Get in the Summer?

Summer has arrived, bringing with it extended daylight hours and intense sunlight. However, are you aware of the intense heat symphony unfolding just above your living space? Have you ever thought about roof temperature? The star of our hot tale is none other than the silent workhorse of your home—the roof. Sizzling under the sun’s…   Read More»

R&R Industries is proud to be a BBB Accredited Business

The BBB Seal- it’s The Sign of a Better Business! R&R Industries is proud to be a BBB Accredited Business!

How Much Does a Commercial Roof Inspection Cost?

Roofs are like the sentinels of our buildings, quietly protecting us from the elements, taking the full-force of sun, rain, wind, and maybe even the occasional hailstorm. For commercial properties, the stakes are higher – a sound roof is not just about keeping dry; it’s about sustaining the entire business structure. So, how much does…   Read More»