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Take Action NOW to Prepare for Severe Weather -Don’t Wait for Hurricane Season to Start!

While Hurricane Season in Florida is from June 1 through November 30th, it’s important to acknowledge that severe weather can happen at any time. 

Many of the steps you take to get ready for hurricane season are perfect prep for any major storm. Thank you to the National Weather Service for the following information. 

1. Know Your Risk. Understand the type of hazardous weather that affects you and your family where you live.

2. Take Action. Develop an emergency plan based on your local weather hazards and practice your plan.

3. Stay safe!

While you and your family are your top priority during a storm, the state of your building is also in the priority list. It’s important to get your roof inspected before and after a storm to make sure you are protecting your investment. Contact R&R for more details.