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Extend the Life of Your Roof

Extend the Life of Your Roof

We understand that many businesses, associations, and owners are avoiding expensive capital improvements. However, with hurricane season always on our minds as well as being proactive in maintaining investments, we also know a lot of commercial property owners need to improve their roofing systems.

If your commercial roof is over 10 years old and hasn’t been proactively maintained, it’s most likely vulnerable and poses a risk of failing. The good news is that we specialize in extending the life of our customer’s commercial roofs.

Now is the time to lean on the trusted restoration experts and experience of a 75+ year old company – R&R Industries.


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Your COMPLIMENTARY assessment will reveal what needs to be repaired on your roof. At the very least the caulking will need to be refreshed. Best case scenario in the Florida climate caulking only lasts a few years. If your roof hasn’t been maintained there is most likely debris that needs to be removed from the field, drains, scuppers or gutters. Unless your roofing system is saturated the worst-case scenario is probably a restoration with silicone coating.

There are some big advantages to Restoring your Roof:


In most cases repairs can extend the life of your roof many years. By adding proactive maintenance that number can potentially be doubled. When your roof is restored, you will get 10 to 15 more years out of your roofing system.