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Terms & Conditions

1. CONTRACTOR’S RIGHT TO RESCIND: R&R Industries reserves the right to withdraw or revise this Proposal until such time as the Owner communicates his acceptance to the Contractor. This Proposal may be withdrawn after communication of acceptance where an inadvertent error by the Contractor has occurred. This Proposal expires fourteen (14) days after the date stated in this Proposal if not earlier accepted, revised or withdrawn.

2. PRICE VOLATILITY: Asphalt, isocyanurate and asphalt-related products are sometimes subject to unusual price volatility due to conditions that are beyond the control or anticipation of the Contractor and firm prices cannot be obtained from suppliers. If there is an increase in the amount charged to the Contractor between the date of this Proposal and the time when the work is to be performed, the amount of this Proposal/Contract may be increased to reflect the additional cost to the Contractor, upon submittal of written documentation and the advance notice to Customer.

3. ACCEPTANCE: Acceptance of the Proposal by the Owner shall be acceptance of all terms and conditions recited herein. Upon acceptance, this Proposal shall become a binding contract between the Contractor and the Owner. This Proposal and the plans, specifications and other documents, if any referenced in this Proposal shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties.

4. DISCOUNTS AND REBATES: The price of this Contract is net of any prepayment discounts or rebates. The Board of Directors, Management, or Ownership will comply with all requests necessary to assist in obtaining any such discounts or rebates as outlined in the payment terms of this Contract.

5. GUARANTEE AND WARRANTY: The type of guarantee and extent of coverage shall be as indicated in accordance with written guarantees if any offered by manufacturers of materials incorporated into the project. In addition to manufacturer’s guarantees, and upon receipt of final payment, R&R Industries shall guarantee workmanship furnished as part of this contract against defects in such workmanship for a period up to Two (2) years from the completion of work. As a condition precedent for this warranty and any manufacturer’s warranty to remain in effect an Annual Inspection along with the required maintenance must be performed. The annual fee must be paid in full at the beginning of each year in order for this warranty and maintenance agreement to stay in effect. THERE ARE NO OTHER GUARANTEES OR WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.

6. MATERIALS: All materials used shall be as stated in the specifications and/or attached Scope of Work. All materials and work shall be furnished in accordance with normal industry tolerances for color, variation, thickness, size, weight, amount, finish, texture, and performance standards Specified quantities are intended to represent an average over the entire roof area. The contractor is not responsible for the actual verification of technical specifications of product manufacturers: i.e. R-value or ASTM or UL compliance, but rather the materials used are represented as such by the material manufacturer. Metal roofing and especially lengthy flat-span metal panels will often exhibit waviness, commonly referred to as “oil-canning”. Oil-canning pertains to aesthetics and not the performance of the panels and is not controlled by the Contractor. The contractor is not responsible for oil canning or aesthetics. Oil-canning shall not be grounds to withhold payment or reject panels of the type specified.

7. ACCESS: R&R Industries shall be permitted to use driveways, and paved areas leading to, or adjacent to, the job site for its equipment without liability to R&R Industries occasioned by the negligence of others or by its equipment.

8. WORKING HOURS: This proposal is based upon the performance of all work during the Contractor’s regular working hours, excluding weekends and national holidays. Extra charges will be made for overtime and all work performed other than during the Contractor’s regular working hours if required by the Customer.

9. ACTS OF GOD: R&R Industries shall not be responsible for damage or delay due to strikes, fires, accidents, or other causes beyond its reasonable control.

10. WEATHER: R&R Industries shall not be responsible for delays caused by inclement weather as it relates to project milestones. R&R Industries will secure job-sites to the best of its ability to avoid property damages caused by inclement weather conditions. If we are instructed to vacate the property at the owner’s request, without being given adequate time to secure the job-site, R&R Industries will not be held responsible for any damages. Further, the customer may be assessed additional mobilization/de-mobilization fees.

11. FUMES AND EMISSIONS: Owner and Contractor acknowledge that asphalt roof systems will be heated by Contractor, odors, and emissions from roofing products will be released and noise will be generated as part of the roofing operations to be performed by Contractor. The customer shall be responsible for interior air quality, including controlling mechanical equipment, HVAC units, intake vents, wall vents, windows, doors, and other openings to prevent fumes and odors from entering the building. The customer is aware those roofing products emit fumes, vapors, and odors during the application process. Customer shall hold Contractor harmless and indemnify from claims relating to fumes and odors that are emitted during the normal roofing process.

12. EXCLUSIONS: The following items are not included in this work order unless otherwise specifically stated in writing; repairs to the roof deck, installation of wood, furnishing or installation of roof drains, repairs or alteration to the building other than the roof.

13. PONDING WATER: It is understood by Owner and/or Owner’s Representative that a ponding water condition is not indicative of a defective roof system. Positive drainage is a design goal and is not always achievable. R&R Industries will not be held responsible for a ponding water condition that results from a roof structure that is not designed to achieve positive drainage as defined by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Ponding Water is designed as a roof surface that is incompletely drained. Positive drainage is a drainage condition with an additional roof slope provided to ensure drainage of a roof area within 48 hours after rainfall.

14. ELECTRICAL CONDUIT: The contractor’s price is based upon there not being an electrical conduit or other materials embedded within the roof assembly unless expressly identified on the face of this proposal. Customer will indemnify Contractor from any personal injury, damage, claim, loss, shall or expense: resulting from the presence of electrical conduit shall render the conduit harmless so as to avoid injury to Contractor’s personnel, and shall compensate Contractor for additional time, labor and expense resulting from the presence of such materials.

15. ASCOLLISOS AND TOXIC MATERIALS: This Proposal and Contract is based upon the work to be performed by the Contractor not involving asbestos-containing or toxic materials and that such materials will not be encountered or disturbed during the course of performing the roofing work. The contractor is not responsible for expenses, claims, or damages arising out of the presence, disturbance, or removal of asbestos-containing or toxic material. In the event that such materials are encountered, the Contractor shall be entitled to reasonable compensation for all additional expenses incurred as a result of the presence of asbestos-containing or toxic materials at the worksite.

16. MOLD AND MILDEW: It is understood and agreed that the roofing contractor (and roofing contractor’s insurer) will be held harmless for alleged or actual damages/claims as a result of mold, algae, or fungus. It is understood that the roofing contractors and roofing contractor’s insurer will exclude all coverage, including defense, damages related to bodily injury, property damage, and clean up expenses caused directly or indirectly in whole or in part for any action brought by mold, including fungus and mildew regardless of the cost, event material, product or workmanship that may have contributed concurrently or in any sequence to the injury or damage that occurs.

17. INTERIOR PROTECTION: The customer acknowledges that re-roofing of an existing building may cause disturbance, dust, or debris to fall into the interior, and possible, and if hot asphalt is used, dripping may occur depending upon deck conditions. The customer agrees to remove or protect property directly below the roof in order to minimize potential interior damage. The contractor shall not be responsible for disturbance, damage, clean-up or loss to interior property that the Customer did not remove or protect prior to commencement of roofing operations. No interior protection or clean up included. R&R Industries shall not be responsible for any damage incurred due to nails or screws penetrating the roof deck or for damage incurred to anything secured or attached to the roof deck, joists, or any other roofing structure member which becomes loose, unsecured, or falls as a result of the roofing operations of R&R Industries.

18. CITY ORDINANCE: It is agreed that R&R Industries will not be responsible for any additional costs should the City have any ordinances outside of the Standard Florida Building Code.

19. BACK CHARGES: No back charges or claims for payment of services rendered or materials and equipment furnished by Customer to Contractor shall be valid unless previously authorized in writing by the contractor and unless written notice is given to Contractor within ten (10) business days of the event, act or omission which is the basis of the back charge.

20. ADDITIONAL CHARGES: When items are required in addition to the outlined “Scope of Work”, refer to the Additional Work Authorization Form to be provided by R&R Industries. Additional charges may result from any of the following: addition or deviation from the specifications herein described, damage to our work by others; temporary protection of the building not originally included in this work order; premature notice to start work causing unnecessary trips; trips back to the job to repair openings created after work is complete; material and equipment off-load from the roof due to acts of God (such as tropical storms and hurricanes), debris removal by others required by local laws, and any labor required to be done outside of normal business hours. R&R Industries is not required to do additional work unless a proper Additional Work Authorization Form has been executed by Owner and/or Owner’s Representative.

21. INSURANCE: R&R Industries agrees to purchase and maintain, as required by law, workers’ compensation, liability, and property insurance to protect the Owner and/or Owner’s Representative from injuries and/or damages that may arise out of or result from R&R Industries operations under this work order and for which R&R Industries may be legally liable, whether such operation is by R&R Industries or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by R&R Industries, or by anyone for whose acts R&R Industries may be liable. Owner and/or Owner’s Representative agree to look solely to R&R Industries’ appropriate insurance carrier for any and all damages including those caused by The Contractor’s sole negligence. The Owner and/or Owner’s Representative agrees to provide sufficient insurance to protect R&R Industries against loss of materials installed or on the premises due to fire, windstorm, hail, or floods. Owner and/or Owner’s Representative provided property insurance shall be on an all-risk policy form and shall insure against the perils of fire and extended coverage and physical loss or damage including, theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, collapse, falsework, temporary buildings, and debris removal including demolition occasioned by enforcement of any applicable legal requirements. If the property insurance requires minimum deductibles the Owner and/or Owner’s Representative shall purchase and maintain such insurance as will insure the Owner and/or Owner’s Representative against loss of use of the Owners and/or Owner’s Representative property due to fire or other hazards, however, caused. The Owner and/or Owner’s Representative waives all right of action against R&R Industries for loss of use of the Owner and/or Owner’s Representative’s property, including consequential damages.

22. ADDITIONAL INSURED: If Customer requires and Contractor agrees to name Customer or others as an additional insured on Contractor’s liability insurance policy, customer and Contractor agree that the naming of Customer or other parties as an additional insured is intended to apply to claims made against the additional insured to the extent the claim is due to the negligence of Contractor and is not intended to make the Contractor’s insurer liable for claims that are due to the fault of the additional insured.

23. STRUCTURAL SUITABILITY: R&R Industries assumes full responsibility for furnishing of roofing materials and for providing specifications and recommendations for their proper installation. R&R Industries does not, either itself or through its representatives, practice architecture or engineering and offers no opinion on, and expressly disclaims any responsibility for, the structural soundness of any roof deck on which roofing products may be applied. Opinions of competent structural engineers should be obtained by the Owner and or Owner’s Representative as to the structural soundness of the roof deck and its ability to properly support the contemplated roof installation. R&R Industries accepts no liability for any failure of the roof deck, its ability to support the contemplated roof installation, or resultant damages.

24. MISCELLANEOUS: These Terms and conditions together with the cover page providing the Scope of Work, etc., and any attachments constitute the entire agreement of the parties. Modifications to this Agreement can be made only in writing and signed by All Parties. Owner and or Owner’s Representative permitting the performance of work indicates acceptance without exception of the Agreement, even if this Agreement is not executed.

25. BANKRUPTCY CLAUSE: In the event of bankruptcy it doesn’t relieve the client from payment obligations.

26. FORCE MAJEURE: Each Party shall be excused from the performance of its obligations under this Agreement to the extent that such performance is prevented by force majeure (defined below) and the nonperforming Party promptly provides notice of such prevention to the other Party. Such excuse shall be continued so long as the condition constituting force majeure continues. The Party affected by such force majeure also shall notify the other Party of the anticipated duration of such force majeure, and any actions being taken to avoid or minimize its effect after such occurrence, and shall make reasonable efforts to remove the condition constituting such force majeure. For purposes of this Agreement, “force majeure” shall include conditions beyond the control of the Parties, including an act of God, acts of terrorism, voluntary or involuntary compliance with any regulation, law or order of any government, war, acts of war (whether war be declared or not), labor strike or lock-out, civil commotion, epidemic, failure or default of public utilities or common carriers, destruction of production facilities or materials by fire, earthquake, storm or like a catastrophe. The payment of invoices due and owing hereunder shall in no event be delayed by the payer because of a force majeure affecting the payer.

27. FINAL PAYMENT: The making of final payment shall constitute a waiver of all claims against R&R Industries by Owner and/or Owner’s Representative except for those arising from (a) unsettled liens stemming from work performed by R&R Industries, (b) terms of any guarantee or warranty issued pursuant to this work order. No guarantee or warranty provided by R&R Industries shall be valid until full and final payment is received.

28. CHANGE ORDERS: All work to be completed in a workmanlike manner according to standard industry practices. Any alteration or deviation from the above specifications, whether verbal or otherwise, and involving extra cost will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate.

29. CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: I authorize R&R Industries to bill the credit card I provided (when applicable), plus a 3% convenience fee.

30. LEGAL EXPENSES: The owner agrees to pay R&R Industries for all expenses R&R Industries may incur to enforce any term or condition of this agreement, or to collect any amount due under this agreement, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs at trial and on appeal in connection therewith. Both parties agree the exclusive venue for any litigation shall be Volusia County, Florida.

31: USES OF IMAGES CLAUSE: I understand and agree that R&R Industries or its agents may obtain and use photography, videos and drone imagery of this project and materials associated for marketing purposes of advertising and promoting the Company, or for other purposes deemed appropriate by the Company in its reasonable discretion, except to the extent expressly prohibited by law.