Prepare and Protect Your Investment with R&R Industries

R&R is the disaster recovery partner you deserve. We’re a fully insured and licensed roofing and building contractor with 70+ years experience helping thousands of customers recover from disasters. We will help you navigate the complex process of making an insurance claim & get you the restitution you deserve.
If You Plan to Evacuate:
If advised to evacuate, do so immediately and go to a safe place.
-Know where you will go, how you will get there, and where you will stay.
-Plan well in advance if you will need help leaving or use public transportation.
-Mobile/manufactured/trailer homes and recreational vehicles (RVs) cannot provide safe shelter from tropical-storm or hurricane-force winds.
If You Plan to Shelter Safely:
-Be ready to live without power, water, gas, phone, and internet for a long time.
-Practice going to a designated safe shelter for high winds. The next best protection is a small, interior, windowless room in a sturdy building on the lowest level that is not likely to flood.
-If you are in an area that is likely to flood, designate a location on higher ground that you can move to before floodwaters reach you.