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Why Is My Metal Roof Leaking? Options for Metal Roof Repairs

Metal Roof Leaking

Metal roofs are the embodiment of strength, durability, resilience, and performance. However, despite such paramount qualities, metal roofs are not indestructible or leakproof. They also suffer from a fair share of problems, such as cracks, damages, rodent infestation, and of course, leakage. But, these problems are solvable with regular vigilance and prompt care. If you want to know the common causes of metal roof leaking and options readily available for repair, read our blog!

Top 3 Common Causes of Metal Roof Leaks

  • Loose and Flimsy Roofing Screws

One of the major causes of metal roof leaking is flimsy or loose screws. You might be surprised to know that roofing screws are responsible for a majority of the leaks on metal roofs. Even the most minute misalignment can cause your home’s roof to leak. Therefore, a large chunk of metal roof repair revolves around fixing, aligning, and strengthening the screws.

  • Missing Sealants

The second reason why your abode’s metal roof might be leaking is missing sealants. Sealants used in conjunction with metal roofing panels typically don’t last as long as the panels themselves. Thus, the former needs to be replaced in a timely fashion.

  • Curb Flashings

The third reason why your metal roof might be leaking is curb flashing. The HVAC units on your metal roofs are usually perched on curbs. Installing metal roofs is a fairly easy task, but it is the flashing that tests a roofer’s abilities. HVAC offers very less room for mistakes when fabricating flashings and keeping a curb dry is easier said than done. The uphill side of the curbs and the two upper corners of the curb flashings are challenging areas, especially on larger HVAC systems. Water is easily trapped behind the unit, which can eventually erode the sealants, leading to a leak.

Now that we know about the top 3 causes of metal roof leakage, let’s check some metal roof repair options.


A Beginner-Friendly Metal Roof Leak Repair Strategy

  • Replace All Screws and Fasteners

As we have already mentioned, one of the main reasons why metal roof repairs become important is because of loose and flimsy screws. Therefore, removing the screw and fastener and installing a new one is simple. To check for problems, you may have to inspect every screw, which is laborious, so don’t be afraid to contact an expert in roofing in Daytona.

  • Replace the Entire Roof

At times, it might be more cost-efficient to remove and replace your entire roof than dealing with small faulty elements. The cost of labor, ancillary repairs, and buying new parts can pile up to become gargantuan expenses. So, it’s essential to be mindful and evaluate if buying and installing a new roof will be cheaper or similar in cost to repair the roof.

  • Install a Protective Coating Over the Roof

Last but not least, you can also affix a roof coating system or shield on top of your metal roof as a repair or renovation option. An elastomeric coating is flexible and can easily be installed on top of the metal roof.

So, there we have it, reasons why metal roofs leak and easy repair of roofing in Daytona. 

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