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How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

Roof Inspection

Many homeowners neglect their roofs until deterioration is apparent. However, regular roof inspection is highly important for every roof. Hailstorms, strong winds, and several other factors may affect the roof health. That is why inspecting the roof is vital to protect your investment. But, how much should you invest in residential or commercial roof inspection services? Your roofers will give you an estimate based on different factors.

How Much is a Roof Inspection?

Find the list of factors for calculating the charge for a roof inspection below.

Roof Inspection Method:

Traditionally, professional roofing contractors consider physical inspection of the roof. The charge for this type of roof assessment may start from $75 depending on your roof’s size. If the roof is not easily accessible, roofers will choose drone inspection. The infrared inspection is best for trapping moisture on your flat roof and detecting cracks in your roof insulation. 

Accessibility and Slope of your Roof:

The roof’s slope is another factor affecting how much a roof inspection costs. For example, inspecting a flat roof, which is readily accessible to roofers, is less expensive. On the other hand, climbing to the top of a building that has a steep or pitched roof poses a danger. So, your roofer will charge a higher rate.

Attic Inspection:

Some roofers charge an extra amount if you want to get your attic inspected. The roofing experts will search for mold, leaky indicators, and other issues when inspecting the attic. Additionally, they will look for mildew in your attic. They will search for broken HVAC ducts and dryer vents throughout the check.

Roof Size:

The roof area is measured in square footage and that affects the cost of roof inspection. Every roof size is different, and thus, overall cost will vary for homeowners. You can directly communicate with a professional roofing specialist to create your budget for roof maintenance and inspection. If you have a bigger roof, the roofers will need much time to check every part. Thus, the labor cost will be considerably higher. 

Roofing Materials:

Sometimes, roofing professionals determine their charges depending on the roof materials. The most commonly used materials are:

  • Tiles
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal 
  • Slate

For instance, strong winds may cause asphalt shingles to bend. Slate roofs can lose their layers. Similarly, metal roofs have a risk of rust. During roof inspection, if roofers have noticed damages to these materials, they will repair them or at least propose a repair plan.

These are some factors associated with the roofing inspection cost. Having experts inspect every aspect of your roof is essential. A house’s roof should be inspected before being purchased or sold. Besides, if it is an old roof, you can consider roof inspection services. Old roofs have a higher risk of damage, and without regular inspection, you may experience leaks.

So, hire your roofers and ask them to check your roofing structure.

We hope this article is helpful. Good luck!