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Top 3 Benefits of a Tile Roof in Florida

20 December 2018

Choosing the right commercial roof is always an important consideration, but when you live in Florida, the choice of roofing materials is particularly critical. Florida may be warm and wonderful much of the time, but the storms here can be downright frightening.


When you own a business in the state of Florida, you need to make sure every part of your structure, and especially the roof over your head, will be able to survive the storm and come through unscathed. Everything in your business, from the customer orders in the mailroom to the raw materials on the loading dock, are protected by the roof you choose, and that means you need to choose the right materials. Here are three reasons a tile roof is the best choice for commercial buildings in the state of Florida.



A new roof is a huge investment and replacing the roof can be a real hassle. Whether you are building a new commercial enterprise or retrofitting an existing building, you want a roof that will last a long time.


A tile roof is the perfect choice when it comes to endurance. When carefully chosen and properly installed, a quality tile roof can last for at least 50 years. In fact, many tile roofs in the state of Florida are even older than half a century – and still going strong.



The state of Florida may be a great place to do business, but the region also has its fair share of hazards. Compared to other roofing materials, tile roofs offer an exceptional level of protection against all the things Mother Nature throws your way.


The bugs that live in Florida may wreak havoc with wooden roofs, but even the most damaging critters cannot burrow into a tile roof. Compared to other types of roofing materials, tile roofs offer an exceptional level of protection from bugs, storm damage and other common Florida hazards.


Fire Safety

The hot and dry conditions in the state of Florida make the area prone to sudden fires, so fire safety is an important consideration for any business owner. The last thing you want is to see all your hard work go up in flames, and the right roof can make a real difference in how your building fares in a fire.


Since tile roofs are constructed using fire resistant materials, they are more likely to stand up to high heat and flames. While no building is totally fire proof, simply having a tile roof can provide your operation with greater protection. Every Florida resident needs to be concerned about fire safety, and a tile roof is a great place to start.


As you can see, a tile roof offers several excellent advantages for business owners throughout the state of Florida. Whether your business is a brand new one or already a going concern, the choice of roof matters more than you might think. From its built-in fire resistance to its classy good looks, a tile roof is always a great choice for your business. It is no wonder so many Florida residents have already chosen the beauty, durability and lasting good looks of a file roof.

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