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R&R Industries digitally transformed its business operations by implementing and leveraging an ERP Platform in early 2018. The ever-evolving custom ERP Solution that we developed provides real-time data that enable proactive decision making and course correction in the management of our jobs.

The implementation of our ERP tool has brought so much overwhelming success to our business, that a new division of R&R was launched dedicated to engineering business process automation and database development for other businesses across all industries, specializing in the construction sector.

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We provide complete business solutions on a low-code development platform that incorporates everything from a CRM, to Project Management, Scheduling and Job Costing, to an HRIS with Time Tracking, Service Management, Purchasing, and Financial Forecasting.

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Protect yourself with RTA. Not only will it extend the life of your roof it will also keep your manufacturer’s warranty in effect. ALL roofing system manufacturers require annual or semi-annual inspections and proactive maintenance performed by experts. We’re GAF Certified Maintenance Professionals. We specialize in getting the maximum lifespan out of our customers roofing systems.

All of our RTA members receive VIP status and go to the front of the line. You’ll be our highest priority when you have an active leak, need help with pre-storm prep or post-storm repairs. The $99 dispatch/diagnostic fee will be waived for you. You’ll also take precedence when you need a roof proposal and project scheduled.

Our factory trained roof mechanics proactively protect the roofs that protect you

Instead of paying an average of 20¢ to 30¢ * per square foot per year to reactively manage your roofs, VIP membership will reduce your roofing upkeep to 14¢ per square foot per year, or less.

Additional benefits for you include:

  • Reduced collateral damage from leaks
  • Five-year asset management plans
  • Decreased maintenance expenses
  • Reduced roofing system failures
  • Reduced tenant complaints
  • Regular inspection reports
  • Stabilized roofing spend
  • VIP+ UpFront Pricing™

VIPs also get special rates on the R&R Roof Guardian™ System

R&R Roof Guardian

Real-time monitoring and alerts … We know you have a leak before you do

Discounted, No-Hassle UpFront Pricing™ For VIPs

We’ll tell you upfront what your repairs are going to cost. We won’t surprise you with large, unexpected time and material invoices after the job is done. 100% of your maintenance and most of your repairs will be included with your VIP membership.

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    Photos of roofs that had zero maintenance done until they were repaired and placed under RTA.