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Expired commercial roof? Don’t replace it, renew it for 50%, 60% potentially up to 70% less than the cost of a reroof.

Our mantra at R&R is Repair, Renew, Replace. If we can repair your roof and extend its life that will be our recommended course of action. If your roof is beyond the state of repair we will give you the option to renew your commercial roofing system with high solid silicone coating if possible. This option can save you upwards of 70% of the cost of a reroof. We only recommend a reroof when it’s absolutely necessary.

We’re proud to be a Tropical Roofing Products Premier Certified Contractor for fluid applied roof restoration.

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There are some major advantages when choosing to renew your commercial roof:

  • No tear-off is environmentally friendly because your old roofing system doesn’t end up in a landfill
  • Appreciable energy savings thanks to the high reflectivity index of white silicone
  • Significant install savings, potentially as much as 70% less than a reroof
  • Less risk because we don’t have to open up your roof
  • Less chance of leaks around difficult to seal areas
  • Less chance of collateral damage
  • No seams

Silicone coating can’t be used on a saturated roofing system. However, our Roof Guardian System which utilizes solar powered 50CFM one way vents can dry out most roofing systems in three to four months. These sophisticated devices also monitor your roof and tell us when you have a leak. They also report when people were on the roof, as well as monitoring wind speeds and barometric pressure.

This type of data will protect you in the event that you have storm damage because we can verify that the roof failed when a hurricane struck which makes it much easier to get an appropriate settlement with your insurance company. In many cases insurance companies deny legitimate claims and try to pass off the failure to the manufacturer. Armed with data showing extreme wind speeds and a drop in pressure sidesteps that entire pitfall.

Roof Guardian- R&R Industries Daytona

January 2020 we renewed a very large warehouse roof for Laney & Duke in Jacksonville. The building had two roofing systems on it which would have meant a complete tear-off and reroof costing $349k. We are very reluctant to open up warehouse roofs and putting the contents at risk.

To compound matters, the roof was saturated from multiple leaks. If silicone roof coating is used on a wet roofing system it’s only a matter of time before the deck collapses or the silicone blisters, or both. Fortunately we were able to use our Roof Guardian System to dry the roof out which allowed us to renew the roof with high solid silicone. The final price for the coating and the Roof Guardians was only $104k, which was barely 30% of the cost of a $349k tear-off and reroof.

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The following video of a Tropical final inspection was shot during the Spring of 2020 at John Knox Village in Orange City Florida.

We’re very fortunate at R&R to have an extremely diverse set of technical skills. We’re the only commercial roofing company in Central Florida who’s authorized to install and maintain every roofing system on the market.


Safety is our first priority on every job we work on. Our employees attend monthly safety meetings to keep them up to date on the latest OSHA safety requirements.


We can provide crews that are Jessica Lunsford approved to work on school properties and have had FDLE background checks.


All of our employees have been checked through the US Department of Homeland Security E-Verify database.


R&R Industries is bondable and carries general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

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