Book It Before Dec 31st 2020, Get Two Years FREE Maintenance

You already know the benefits of coating your roof with silicone instead of replacing it:

  • No tear-off is environmentally friendly because your old roofing system doesn’t end up in a landfill
  • Appreciable energy savings thanks to the high reflectivity index of white silicone
  • Significant install savings, potentially as much as 70% less than a reroof
  • Less risk because we don’t have to open up your roof
  • Less chance of leaks around difficult to seal areas
  • Less chance of collateral damage
  • No seams

On top of all that we’re offering two years of our RTA (Roof TOP Assurance) pro-active maintenance program FREE for everybody who signs up by Dec 31st, 2020 to have their roof coated in 2020 or 2021. ALL roofing system warranties require annual inspections to be filed with the manufacturer plus proof that the roof is pro-actively maintained. Putting your roof under RTA ensures your warranty is valid.

Also, we buy silicone by the truck load. We have a very large order of silicone in the pipeline that will allow us to hold the line on your project into the first quarter of 2021.

It gets even better!

If you have a tax burden for the 2020 calendar year you can take advantage of the IRS tax code section 162 and claim 100% of the cost of coating your roof as a deduction for restoring it to its original leak-free state.

That’s not all!!

If your roof isn’t white by applying silicone you’ll probably qualify for a 60 cents per square foot credit under the IRS tax code section 179D. You’ll also be able to depreciate 100% of the cost in the first year if you so choose.

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