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Expert Advice: Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

Need a New Roof

As a homeowner or business owner, you might be wondering when the right time is to replace your roof. Luckily, some key warning signs indicate it’s time to invest in a new one. Rather than guessing, you can either follow the advice in this guide or contact an expert to absolve yourself of the responsibility. With regular inspections, roofers in New Smyrna Beach will be able to give you an accurate assessment of the damage and make recommendations on what type of roof and materials you should consider for your property.

Warning Signs You Need a New Roof

First and foremost, if your roof has reached its expected lifespan (typically 20-30 years depending on the material) then it should be replaced. The age of your roof can usually be pinpointed by inspecting your attic and checking the date of the last roof installation.

Cracking or curling shingles may also indicate that you need a new roof as these issues can end up causing significant damage to your home if left unchecked. Furthermore, any signs of water leakage such as stains on the ceiling could mean that you have an underlying roofing issue that needs to be addressed.

Moss, mold, and algae growth is yet another indication that it’s time for a new roof as these organisms can cause further damage to the material over time. Additionally, if you notice large quantities of granules in your gutters or downspouts then this could mean that your shingles are nearing the end of their lifespan.

If you notice your energy bill is increasing then this could also be a sign that your roof has become worn out and is no longer able to protect against extreme temperatures as well as it used to. By replacing an old, inefficient roof now, you can save money in the long run.

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What’s more, it’s not the most scientific method but it’s also worth keeping an eye on your neighbors’ roofs – if they are routinely replacing their roofs then it’s probably a good time to inspect yours.

Finally, if your roof has been exposed to storm damage or hail impact in the past year then it’s best to inspect it for any potential issues. If you see signs of deformations such as dents or punctures then these require immediate repairs or the replacement of your roof.

Repairs vs Replacements

Sometimes, minor roofing issues can be remedied with repairs. However, if your roof is too damaged or aged then it may require a full replacement. To ensure you get the best solution for your home or business, always seek professional advice from experienced contractors who can assess the condition of your roof and make an informed recommendation that works within your budget.

How does a replacement work? In general, roof replacements involve the removal of existing shingles and underlayments followed by the installation of new materials. In some cases, an entire replacement may not be necessary and just a section of the roof may need to be replaced. An expert will inspect your property and provide you with an estimate of how long it will take for them to complete the installation.

The right time to replace your roof depends on several factors such as the condition of your current roof, the age of your property and how much damage has been caused by storms or other external elements. By following advice from experts and keeping an eye out for the warning signs you need a new roof mentioned in this guide, you can make a well-informed decision about your roof this year!

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