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Customer Update 3-24-2020

Dear Customer,

Over the past five years R&R Industries has become much more than a roofing company. We have seven distinct business units:

  1. Commercial Roofing: According to the FRSA we’re one of the ten largest roofing companies in Florida.
  2. Residential Roofing: While we don’t advertise this service, we do provide residential roofing services for VIP commercial customers.
  3. Sheet Metal & Ductwork Fabrication: We have the 2nd largest sheet metal shop on the east coast of Florida.
  4. Gutters, Soffit & Fascia: We own Strike Force gutters and provide residential and commercial services.
  5. Swampland Diesel: We have a large fleet of vehicles. We acquired Swampland maintain our trucks but we also offer full retail automotive services.
  6. Software Division: Angie Masini (VP of Operations) and Chris Heaven (Director of Sales) both came to R&R from high tech companies including: Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Nortel Networks and Linium. When they started at R&R they wrote an end-to-end ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for our company which grew a life of its own. When other construction companies saw what we built they asked us to sell it to them. In addition to providing software to other contractors we offer industry specific consulting services.
  7. Restoration Division: Two months ago we hired an industry leader in insurance restoration work. We officially launched this division two weeks ago. We now provide complete General Contracting services for insurance claims. In addition to the building envelope (roofing, windows, doors etc.) we do complete interior work too. That includes sheetrock, plumbing, electrical and remediation for mold, water damage and comprehensive sanitation/decontamination. Specific to the last point, we now have trained experts on staff who are qualified to provide Coronavirus sanitation services.

Although we’ve made great strides, there are more R&R business divisions that will be added as we continue to evolve and make strategic acquisitions.

Please contact me at your convenience if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Chris Heaven
Chris Heaven Sign - Daytona Beach Roofer
Director of Sales

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