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Request your FREE commercial roof inspection and get a FREE one year no leaks GUARANTEE if you follow our recommendations.

Your NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED inspection report will determine the condition of your roof. It could be in one of three states:

  • Great condition, no action required on your part
  • Decent condition, undertake preventative maintenance
  • Problems discovered, undertake repairs

In the event that your roof is beyond the state of repair we will do our best to determine if any damage is storm related that you can possibly claim on your insurance. We use premium weather applications that tell us if and when your property was in the path of a storm.

The only leaks not covered by our guarantee are damage caused by other trades who’ve been on your roof, storm related damage and acts of God.

In addition to getting a FREE one year no leaks GUARANTEE your inspection report will also PROTECT YOU against your insurance company. It’s common practice for them to deny legitimate claims by erroneously stating storm damage was pre-existing. Your report will provide you with ample protection.

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