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3 Reasons Why You Should Always Stick to Maintenance Schedule for Your Flat Roof

20 December 2018

When you own your own business, you are responsible for every aspect of your operations. From keeping your customers happy to making sure your employees get paid on time, it all lands on your shoulders.


As a business owner, you are also responsible for the care and maintenance of the property you own. Whether you operate out of a warehouse, office building or retail store, choosing the right roof, and caring for that roof the right way, will be critical.


The Advantages – and Challenges – of a Flat Roof

There are many sound reasons to consider a flat roof for your commercial building but caring for that roof properly will be absolutely critical. A flat roof is easy to clean and care for – no more crawling around on a high-pitched roof, and fewer safety concerns for your workers.


At the same time, caring for your roof is an important consideration. That flat roof may be easy to keep clean, but the ice and snow will not slide off. If the flat roofis not cared for properly, leaks and weak spots will quickly develop, and that could put the integrity of your commercial building in jeopardy.


The good news is roof manufacturers typically provide a maintenance schedule for buyers to follow. Whether your commercial flat roof is brand new or already decades old, here are three reasons to follow that maintenance schedule to the letter.


It Will Keep Your Warranty in Force

If you have a warranty on your commercial flat roof, following the maintenance schedule to the letter is the best way to keep it in force. If you fail to follow the recommendations of the roof manufacturer, you risk voiding the warranty, and that could leave you on the hook for extensive (and expensive) repairs.


Whether you just took out the warranty on your flat roof or bought it when the roof was new, read the fine print and make sure you are holding up your side of the bargain. Be sure you know which maintenance tasks you need to do – and be sure you get them done.


It Could Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Having enough insurance coverage in place is important for any business owner, and that insurance should cover your commercial building as well as your inventory. Caring for your flat roof the right way and following the maintenance recommendations could help you keep your insurance premiums low, so you can spend more on building your business.


Ask your commercial insurer about discounts for roof care and maintenance. Make sure you are getting all the credit you deserve and keep up with the maintenance to keep those cost savings in place.


It is the Best Way to Avoid Leaks

A flat roof can be great for your business, but the unique nature of a flat roof can make it particularly susceptible to leaks. If you neglect the maintenance requirements of your commercial flat roof, you could see weak spots develop in a short period of time.


If left alone, those weak spots could result in persistent leaks, and extensive water damage to your business. That is why it is important to check the integrity of your flat roof regularly and follow the recommended maintenance schedule as closely as possible. If you want your commercial flat roof to last, you need to treat it right, and that starts with the right maintenance.


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